What participants are saying

Participants have found the TCGs interesting, useful, meaningful…and fun. Here’s a sampling of comments from participants over the years regarding both the instructional and case consultation Tele-Consultation Groups.

I really found your developmental matrix and the book chapter very helpful.  I really am enjoying the TCG!
-Psychologist enrolled in Sport Psychology TCG

I particularly liked her unique approach, deftly and wisely melding the art and science of our field, that challenges, encourages, supports, and provides room for group members to come up with their own ideas and solutions to a wide range of professional dilemmas and opportunities.
-Psychologist enrolled in Sport Psychology TCG

Thank you for organizing these technology-based case consultation meetings. I highly recommend this format to other psychologists in the field as it provides networking and learning opportunities from people around the country.
-Psychologist and Certified Consultant-AASP enrolled in Case Consultation TCG

I am really enjoying being part of the group and appreciate everyone's generosity in sharing resources, information and experiences.
-Psychologist enrolled in Sport Psychology TCG

This TCG has been such an incredible experience! In brief, it has done the following for me (this, after several decades of clinical practice and much training):
1. It has helped to quiet some of my nagging doubts about the mental health professions, because this stuff really works! And if it can work in sport, it can work elsewhere.
2. It has deepened my ability to listen and my confidence that I can make a difference.
3. It has helped with my own personal growth, and helped me not to let obstacles stop me from pressing on toward my personal goals in sport, fitness, and life.
4. Oh - not least - it's so pleasant to chat with such a nice bunch of people!
-Psychologist enrolled in Sport Psychology TCG

Not only did you try to round out each month’s discussions by exploring other ways to consider what was occurring, which may have been overlooked or neglected; but at the same time, you demonstrated a capacity to be highly organized, conscientious, as well as caring about the group.  Your consideration, generosity of sharing knowledge and information truly was truly felt.
Psychologist enrolled in Case Consultation TCG

Dr. Kate Hays’ Tele-Consultation Group for Performance Psychology exceeded all of my expectations. Kate’s sensitivity, competence and generous sharing made for a wonderful experience as I discovered the keys to developing a performance consulting practice. The group experience motivated me to dive even deeper into the core competencies of this exciting area of practice. It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Hays’ groups to any practitioner desiring to develop and grow in the field of performance psychology. Thanks again, Kate!
-Psychologist enrolled in Performance Psychology TCG

Kate Hays runs a fabulous phone consultation group.  It is a well-structured opportunity to connect with your colleagues.  Kate balances the roles of being an expert and being a facilitator nicely, and is attuned to the needs of individuals and the group as a whole.  Kate also takes steps outside the group setting to engage group members in professional development opportunities.
-Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Certified Consultant-AASP enrolled in Case Consultation TCG

Excellent segue from thinking like a clinical psychologist to thinking like a sport psychologist. The book content is probably timeless and the course content is broad without being overwhelming.
The calls were nicely formatted and Dr. Hays created an atmosphere that was structured and yet comfortable enough to openly discuss concerns/thoughts/suggestions/questions. I felt the format was a valuable part of the group and worked to create a productive/informative session and very engaging.

Looking back over the 8 sessions, what really stands out?

It was fun. I looked forward to sessions. I actually made sure to do the readings and so did the other members.

The thing that most stands out is the feeling that Kate conveyed and that the group reinforced - it was a feeling of "you can do it" - acceptance and encouragement.

Now I know what the area is about. I have an idea about what I don't know and how to learn about it. I feel ready to move up to another stage. I really enjoyed it and feel that the sessions enhanced my regular clinical work. I feel encouraged that I can build on the things I already know, and not have to totally start from the beginning, to do competent work in this field.

The course provided me with enough information to allow me to continue to pursue my goals.

I was really pleased with the support/feedback on cases from the group.  Going into this group, I was a little nervous about sharing clinical material over the phone with folks I had never met or worked with in the past.  I was thrilled to be part of such a supportive group.

I feel as though my knowledge increased and I gained valuable resources for future, exactly what I was hoped for when I joined the group.

The course helped me better understand my own strengths and weaknesses and provided me with some direction—which is exactly why I signed up.

The overall experience was truly great.  I enjoyed being in the group tremendously. 



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