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Performance enhancement training (also known as psychological skills training, or PST) refers to the ways in which people's performance can be improved via mental or psychological methods. For many years, these methods have been developed for use with athletes. More recently, some of these same methods have been applied to other areas of performance, especially the performing arts and the field of business. These techniques can be useful to people regardless of age or level of skill.

For Performers: Athletes and Performing Artists

AtheleteThe Performing Edge works with athletes, such as runners,cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, gymnasts, tennis players, squash players, skaters, golfers, and hockey players. Dr. Hays also offers workshops and programmatic or case consultation to coaches, physiotherapists, personal trainers, and professionals working to help others achieve optimal performance.  

PerformerThe Performing Edge works with performing artists, such as musicians, dancers, and actors. Dr. Hays also offers workshops and programmatic or case consultation to conductors, directors, artistic coaches, and producers working to help others achieve optimal performance.  


For Professionals

  • Tele-Consultation Groups (TCGs) on Sport Psychology and Performance Psychology- consist of eight 90-minute tele-conference calls, at approximately one month intervals. Combination of shared readings, case or programmatic consultation, practice development, and networking. Designed for psychologists, sport psychologists, other mental health professionals, and advanced graduate students. For more information, please check or contact Dr. Hays directly.
  • Dr. Hays also offers individual consultation and mentoring to mental health and sport psychology professionals. For more detailed information, please contact Dr. Hays directly.
  • Dr. Hays offers a number of workshops for professionals. For examples of recent presentations, see the listings of Dr. Hays’ Professional Activities.



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