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About the Book

  • Documents the benefits of exercise in and out of therapy
  • Urges therapists to incorporate exercise into their practice by providing concrete guidance and suggestions
  • Provides case examples, quotes from psychologists, and support from research and clinical studies
Exercise is as valuable to the mind and psyche as it is to the body. But should you prescribe it to your clients? The answer is yes! In Working it Out, author Kate Hays describes how exercise can benefit a wide range of clients, from those acutely stressed to those with chronic distress, by alleviating stress and improving clarity and self-esteem.

Exercise has a direct impact on psychotherapy and may be assigned as "homework" for the client or as a medium of therapy itself. Illustrated with case examples, quotes from psychologists, and support from research and clinical studies, Working it Out is a must read for practitioners looking for new and effective ways to help clients.

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  • "Affective Beneficence": Exercise and Well-Being
  • The Client, the Therapist, and Exercise
  • Theory and Practice in the Therapeutics of Exercise
  • The Process of Change
  • The Pragmatics of Exercise Initiation and Maintenance
  • Walking the Walk While Talking the Talk: Exercising with Clients
  • Overcoming Inertia: Exercise and Depression
  • Calm in Motion: Exercise for Anxiety
  • Staying Sane: Exercise and Stress Management, Self-Esteem, and Mastery
  • Loss and Gain: Exercise and Eating
  • Pacing Oneself: Substance Abuse Recovery
  • "Burning Off Negative Thoughts": Treating People with Severe or Chronic Mental Illness
  • From Being Alive to Feeling Alive: Trauma Survivor Empowerment
  • Healthy and Strong: Recovery from a Medical Illness
  • Oxymorons and Stereotypes: Exercise and Diversity Issues
  • Having Fun: Exercise Across the Life Span
  • Beyond the Game: Athletes with Emotional Problems
  • When Bad Things Happen to Good Sports: The Consequences of Overuse
  • Being Fit: Ethical Issues Relevant to Exercise and Therapy
  • The Next Steps: Education, Training, and Marketing
  • Appendix A: Exercise and Sport Psychology Development Plan
  • Appendix B: History of Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • Appendix C: Exercise History and Motivation Inventory


"Working it Out is an excellent book that describes the theory and practice of using clinical exercises and homework assignments with a variety of different clients.  Important reading for anyone interested in improving his or her therapeutic skills." - Terence T Gorski, President, The CENAPS Corporation.

"The mind-body connection runs in both directions.  This book is an essential tool for enhancing the flow from mind to body and improving the outcome of therapy". - Arthur Ulene, MD, Clinical Professor, USC School of Medicine.

"While holistic philosophy and mind-body connectedness are concepts with a history, Hays book creatively makes exercise-based therapeutic intervention concrete, sensible, and cutting edge.  A 'wide-angle' view is presented, which includes treatment of virtually all the relevant dimensions to the matter of exercise in therapeutic practice." - Carole A. Oglesby, Professor, Temple University.




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