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United States

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About the Book

Research shows that physical exercise can be a powerful and creative tool for changing the way we feel. Sports psychologist Kate Hays gives readers the tools they need to put together their own therapeutic exercise routine. Hays offers strategies to help readers discover what kind of exercise schedule will work best for them, provides tips for setting goals to help establish a routine they will enjoy, and inspires them to feel an invigorating enthusiasm about using exercise as a form of emotional healing. Readers learn how to use cognitive exercises and behavior modification to transform resistance and apathy and discover how exercise can allow them to think through situations in ways that offer a very different perspective from more introspective and intellectual styles of processing emotions.  





  • Part 1 "But I Thought Therapy Was All Talk!" How Exercise Can Be Your Therapy
    • CHAPTER 1 - Starting on Your Path
    • CHAPTER 2 - Why Exercise is Good for Your Head as Well as Your Heart
    • CHAPTER 3 - "What’s in It For Me?"
    • CHAPTER 4 - Designing Your Exercise Plan
  • Part 2 How to Be Therapeutic to Yourself Through Exercise
    • CHAPTER 5 - Stress Busting and Mind Calming
    • CHAPTER 6 - Getting Up When You’re Feeling Down: Overcoming Inertia and Changing Your Mood
    • CHAPTER 7 - Feeling Strong and Capable: Self-Esteem and Competence
    • CHAPTER 8 - The Poetry of the Sunrise: Clear and Creative Thinking
  • Part 3 "Now What?" Maintaining Your Gains
    • CHAPTER 9 - Keeping Going...and Getting Going Again
    • CHAPTER 10 - "But It Felt So Good!" Overdoing Exercise
    • CHAPTER 11 - Is Food Eating You?
    • CHAPTER 12 - Being Female, Being Active
  • Part 4 Taking a "Fearless Inventory": Review and Reflection
    • CHAPTER 13 - When Exercise Isn’t Enough: Exercise and Therapy
    • CHAPTER 14 - A Final Exercise References


"Psst! Over here. Have I got a deal for you: "Suppose you could take a magic pill that would make you feel happy if you were sad, settle you down if you were stressed, calm your fears and increase your self esteem." Sound good? Well, there's more. How would you like to become a more effective psychologist? Perhaps you'd appreciate an alternative to referring clients for medication? Or maybe you're interested in being prepared to treat what the Surgeon General has declared to be a national health crisis? Still uncertain? Ok, what if it's even "better" than a magic pill? Entirely legal, cheaper than medication, in fact, virtually free, with side effects that are not only mood-enhancing, but health-enhancing?" (to read the rest of this review click here).  Raymond Arsenault, PhD, American Psychological Association, Division 42

"Change your life, one lap at a time.  In Move Your Body, Tone Your Mind, Kate Hays provides a thoughtful and non-threatening avenue into exercise.  How often can you say you read a book and it changed your life? Well, this book may or may not have changed my life (I'll let you know in 20 years), but it certainly changed my month...".  Rebecca Rule, The Concord Monitor.

"This is a treasure of practical wisdom. Knowing that exercise is good for you doesn't always translate to knowing how to get moving and stay moving in your own exercise program. Kate Hays talks plainly about how to do it! I highly recommend this book." - Michael J. Mahoney, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of North Texas and author of Human Change Processes

"Kate Hays has written a life-changing book. If you need to be motivated to exercise, this book will surely do the trick. Increased exercise has kept me from being sad and discouraged through some very hard times." - Mary Ellen Copeland, author, The Depression Workbook and Living without Depression and Manic Depression

"Dr. Hays has written an excellent workbook that will help all readers get the basic background information they need to understand how exercising on a regular basis will improve their mood (and help with depression, anxiety, creativity, etc.). This book will help anyone interested in 'shaping up' and improving themselves in mind and body." -Michael L. Sachs, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Temple University

"This wonderful book provides the reader with a remarkably clear guide to using workouts and physical activity to get rid of emotional stress and optimize mental functioning and remain emotionally balanced by using the body to 'tune up' the mind. If you want to be at your best every day, get this book." -Shane Murphy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Western Connecticut State University, author, The Achievement Zone

"Move Your Body Tone Your Mood brings to light the amazingly beneficial relationship between physical movement and mood. Kate Hays' attention to not only the 'how's' but also the 'why's' of committing to exercise help provide the motivation some of us may be lacking. Optimism, energy, confidence, recharged brain chemistry, a measure of prevention against cycling depressions: How can we stay in our seats?"  Lauren Dockett, author of The Deepest Blue: How Women Face and Overcome Depression

"This wonderful book provides the reader with a remarkably clear guide to using workouts and physical activity to get rid of emotional stress and optimize mental functioning, remaining emotionally balanced by using the body to ‘tune up’ the mind. If you want be at your best every day, get this book!" - Shane Murphy, Ph.D., author, The Achievement Zone A scientifically proven program to help you ease anxiety, lift depression, manage stress, and enjoy your body.



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