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Haworth Press
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Binghamton, NY 13904
United States

1-800-429-6784 (US/Canada)
607-722-5857 (Outside US/Canada)
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About the Book

Read Integrating Exercise, Sports, Movement, and Mind: Therapeutic Unity, and you’ll see how exercise and movement are actually the keys to achieving a harmonious equilibrium between thoughts and physical health. This unique collection of writing, a healthy and diverse montage in its own right, mirrors its topic, helping you see how a variegated array of body movements can lead to a healthier, happier mind.

A kaleidoscope of theory and application, case study and abstraction, Integrating Exercise, Sports, Movement, and Mind spans the spectrum of relevant issues, including those revolving around gender, class, ethnicity, and family systems, and accomplishes its task through the medium of a wide assortment of activities, including gymnastics, soccer, horseback riding, archery, running, walking, and cycling. Your perspective on body movement and body-mind unity will be deepened as you read about these topics:

  • family system perspectives and youth sports
  • rehabilitation--“patient as athlete”
  • contact Improvisation
  • the concept of “flow” from within a gendered consciousness
  • sport psychology and the coach/athlete/consultant triad
  • clinical sport psychology
  • sport trauma recovery

It’s a unique but universal relationship--this prism of thoughts and physical locomotion. So open up Integrating Exercise, Sports, Movement, and Mind and let some of the top experts in the field of sport psychology open your mind and show you how to unlock the body’s potential on the athletic field.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Theoretical Frameworks
  • Family Systems Issues Affecting Athletic Performance in Youth
  • Patient as Athlete: A Metaphor for Injury Rehabilitation
  • Contact Improvisation: Its Potentials for a Therapy of Movement: A Conversation/Dialogue Between Nancy Menapace and E. Mark Stern
  • The Dialogue of Movement
  • Gender, Ethnicity, and Class
  • “To Feel My Own Knowing in Motion”: Harmonizing the Mind, Body, and Emotions
  • Relational Aspects of Competition: A Father Learns from His Daughters
  • Softly Strong: African American Women’s Use of Exercise in Therapy
  • Sport Psychology Consultation
  • Working in Competitive Sport: What Coaches and Athletes Want Psychologists to Know
  • Insights into Effective Sport Psychology Consulting
  • Client Voices
  • Putting the “Clinical” into Sport Psychology Consulting
  • A Multi-Modal Approach to Trauma Recovery: A Case History
  • Anxiety Management and the Elite Athlete: A Case Study
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included


“Only Kate Hays . . . could bring together such a kaleidoscope. Students and professionals who explore all aspects of this collection may move beyond narrow directions to find new ways to integrate sport, exercise, and movement into diverse settings with diverse individuals.” - Diane L. Gill, PhD, Professor and Head of the Department of Exercise and Sport Science, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“This single volume is A TOUR DE FORCE OF CONTEMPORARY SPORT AND EXERCISE PSYCHOLOGY. Kate Hays has chosen an all-star team of experts, and they have turned in a peak performance.” - Jack J. Lesyk, PhD, Director, Ohio Center for Sport Psychology, Beachwood, Ohio


Dr. Kate Hay's blog @ Psychology Today
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