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The Performing Edge, founded by Dr Kate Hays, is a consulting practice devoted to sport and performance psychology. Dr Hays provides performance enhancement training, working with individuals and small groups, as well as large group workshops and seminars. Additionally, professionals interested in tele-consultation may participate in Tele-Consultation Groups and individual practice development in performance coaching. Click on the TCG banner on right for current information.


Performance enhancement training is an individually designed and systematic way to improve your performance through the use of specific mental skills.

Performance coaching for performance coaches offers individual and group support for practice expansion for psychologists and m.h. professionals/sport psychologists/advanced graduate students

Performance Enhancement Training is designed to:

  • Overcome performance blocks through positive thinking, attention and focused concentration.
  • Develop individualized performance goals that are challenging, realistic and measurable.
  • Find your optimal level of performance tension.
  • Increase your confidence in your performance through understanding the relationship between your mind and your body in demanding and high stress situations.
  • Help you achieve peak performance through mental rehearsal and visualization training.

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